Friday, February 25, 2011

The Latest At 1:07am EST.

I'm back with another update. Currently scattered snow showers have started to overtake the area however we are also watching a possible dry slot. Right now it's looking like counties south of Montgomery, county will see most of this dry slot. Which means snowfall in those areas will be lighter as expected. This is one of the reasons in my snow - cast maps I have kept the higher snowfall amounts to the north on Indianapolis! Also around Indianapolis, they have seen a good amount of rainfall over the last few hours.
You can see in the radar image above who is seeing snow at this time and who is still in the form of rain. You can also see that area without any precipitation in the lower left on the image. That's the dry slot moving into Indiana.

At this time I don't want to change my expected snowfall amounts with this system from my earlier snowfall map.You can see in the Snow - Cast map above I'm still keeping most of us in the WLFI viewing area in that 3" to 6" inch range. With 3" to 5" inches in southern Montgomery, county and just south of there. With lesser amounts when you get around Indianapolis.
And then north of Remington, in a 3" to 5" inch range with 2" to 4" inches in northern Jasper, county. So here's the break down for the rest of tonight into Friday morning.
For the rest of tonight we will see snow showers overtake the area. With the heaviest of snow right around the time most of you will be heading out for work and school. With this snowfall we will also see the winds pick up overnight. Yes, winds between 10 and 15 mph gusting between 25 - and 35 mph at times. So expect blowing and drifting snow during the morning commute.
Winds will calm as the day continues. We should start to notice the wind calming down around Noon time.
That's the latest as of now bloggers. I'm gonna go get some sleep. I'm pretty sure I'll have some work to get done come morning! Take care and please allow extra time in the morning. And drive slow.
Be safe and God Bless!

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