Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, at this point and time I don't have to much that needs to be changed from my last update. However as you already know this system really hasn't given way to rain all across the viewing area just yet! So the timing for the rain to start is being pushed back. I believe we will start to see a more wide spread area of rain across the viewing area by closer to 11:pm EST. I still expect the change over to all snow by sometime after Midnight - 1:am EST.
You can see the rain in this radar image below. Areas south of the viewing area are already getting dumped on with rain! However up here we are just starting to see some light scattered rain showers move into the area.
This radar image was taken at 9:42pm EST.....

This rain will continue to move into the area and become more wide spread by 11:pm EST.

As for the snowfall?? Well right now I look for the main snow zone to set up in the dark blue areas in the map below.
This is where I expect to see the 3" to 6" inches setting up! With lesser amounts to the south where they will see more rain. And between 2" to 4" and 3" to 5" inches north! With this snow we will also see wind move into the area early tomorrow morning gusting between 30 and 35 mph! So please be careful when heading out!

So really at this time I'm not changing anything snow accumulation - wise. However I will continue to watch this system and I will check back again if anything changes! If I need to tweak anything with this system you all will be the first to know. I'm waiting for a few more updated weather models to come in and if I see any changes in them I will let you know!

God Bless!

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