Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Full Super Moon Pictures And Also Tonight Is The Start Of Spring!!

Alright bloggers Spring is soooooo close!!!! The count down begins!! It's only hours away. How are you gonna bring it in??

Take a look at the exact time Spring arrives!
Yes, tonight at 7:21pm EDT be sure to yell at the top of your lungs that SPRING IS HERE!!!! lol. And not only is the start of Spring tonight but it's also gonna feel like Spring! Yes, I have some real Spring weather in the forecast over tonight and Monday! Take a look at this chart below. 
Yes, we have that passing warm front today that could fire up a few scattered light rain showers across the area. This is about a 30% chance. Also this will raise the temperatures into the upper 50s / low 60s today and only allowing our temperatures to fall tonight to around 54* degrees! This warm front will also allow for 70s! by tomorrow with another 20% chance to 30% chance of a few scattered showers / thundershowers possible. However I'll have more details on that tomorrow.

As for tonight's forecast to bring in Spring it's looking like mostly cloudy skies with around a 20% to 30% chance for a few hit and miss scattered rain showers / thundershowers cannot be ruled out. Expect a low tonight falling only a few degrees around 54* degrees with winds between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts near 18 to 20 mph possible.

Also the Super Full Moon was last night and it was the closest to earth in around 20 years! 15% bigger and 30% brighter! I took one picture however it really didn't come out to well do to the high clouds over the area. The moon did become more clear the higher it got overhead however I was trying to get it on the horizon. I finally gave up once I seen the pictures didn't come out so well. Still here is the one I took. It just looks like a glowing white light in the sky lol.
Now I do have some MUCH BETTER pictures from other areas around the world! I didn't get any pictures sent in to me so I had to search the web and I found some GREAT SHOTS! Take a look at these amazing Super Moon Pictures below. They really are amazing! :)
This one out of Lindenhurst, Illinois
This one out of St. Petersburg, Florida
This one out of Grand Marais, Minnesota.
This one out of London, England.
This one out of Tehran, Iran.
This one out of Bad Soden, Germany.
And last but not least! This amazing shot of the Super Full Moon was taken out of Szubin, Poland!!

Again these are just amazing pictures!! So if you missed the moon last night I'm sure that these pictures kind of make up for it lol. I wish you all a great Sunday! I'm gonna go enjoy the last day of Winter and get ready to welcome in Spring! I will check back here tomorrow with more details on the rain and Thundershowers to move in Monday and Tuesday!

Take care and as always God Bless!