Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Day Of Spring Was A Great Start To The Season!!

Spring is here and the first day of Spring was a hit! :) I'll get to that in just a minute. First off Lets go ahead and talk a little about what rain is in the forecast over the next few days. Let's take a look at a few surface charts as we go along. First off we do have a slight rain chance in the forecast for tomorrow (Tuesday). Take a look at this chart below.
This chart above is looking at 2:pm EDT Tuesday. You can see I'm expecting mostly cloudy skies through out the day with that passing warm front. This could possibly kick up a few hit and miss light scattered showers. Rainfall only around a tenth inch. The rain chance increases as the day continues. Here's another surface chart below.
This one is looking at 8:pm EDT Tuesday. You can see some scattered rain showers are likely! A few rumbles cannot be ruled out however I'm not expecting anything strong to severe this time around! Expect a high on Tuesday in the middle 60s around 65* degrees with a low that night around 55* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph. Total rainfall through out the day only between a tenth inch to a possible quarter inch in areas.

Now we also have a chance for some more isolated showers / thundershowers come Wednesday. Here's Wednesday's surface chart below.
This chart is looking at 8:am EDT Wednesday. You can see some scattered rain showers are possible however the main event will form along this cold front. However I'm looking for this to form mainly passed the viewing area! Just isolated scattered rain / thundershowers possible for our area! Otherwise mostly cloudy to partly cloudy for the day of Wednesday. A high around 68* degrees and a low that night falling to 32* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph with wind gusts to 20 - 25 mph possible.

Now how about the weather we seen today??? Man it felt good with a high in the Lafayette, area of 70.2* degrees!! Partly cloudy skies and all the birds out singing! I did some bird watching while sitting on my front porch and managed to snap a few pics of the little guys. Take a look.

Everywhere I looked there was a bird or a squirrel... Now that says Spring. Even the wild had cabin fever! lol. We also kicked off the first day of Spring with a small cookout. Burgers and Hotdogs! Oh Yeah!
It just doesn't get any better then that! ;) Let's put it in check.

First Day Of Spring...

High of 70* Degrees! Check!

Sounds Of Spring (Birds And Such), Check!

Family Cookout, Check, Check, And CHECK!

So how did you all spend your first day of Spring??

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