Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Bye Damp And Cloudy! Hello Mild And Sunny!

Hey bloggers! Well, we have had a lot of damp cloudy days this past week. Today it even felt like winter again with scattered snow flurries and cold temperatures in the 30s all afternoon. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. After all the upper 40s and 50s we have seen the past few days 30s feel FREEZING! Well, I have some good news in your forecast for a change. Yes, it's about time I have some good news after all the flooding, cold, and rain , I have talked about lately! lol. Take a look at your quick cast below. This weekend is looking rather nice I must say.

Quick Cast.....
Friday, Yes, I believe we will see lots of partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies across the viewing area through out the day. Dry for a change! And sunny!!! I was starting to forget what sun looked like lol. We will look for a high Friday around 48* degrees with a low Friday night around 36* degrees. No rain to speak of! :) Expect light winds between 5 and 10 mph.

Saturday's Outlook...
Saturday we will look for much of the same with just a few small changes to the forecast. I still look for partly cloudy skies across the area through out the day. However we will have to factor in some breezy winds to go along with it. I look for winds between 10 and 15 mph with winds gusting between 25 and 28 mph possible. Expect a high Saturday around 51* degrees with a low that night cooler around 27* degrees.

Now this dry weather we have ahead over the next week or so is GREAT news for the rivers! Yes, the Wabash river is currently sitting at 15.6ft which is a good 4.6ft above average! The good news is the rivers are expected to fall over the next week. By this time next Tuesday the Wabash is expected to have fallen to 11.5ft. This right around flood stage. (Flood stage is right at 11ft) So slowly but surly the rivers are falling. Right now I don't see any heavier rains in the forecast until maybe next week. Take a look at this map looking at the Wabash River below. You can see how it's expected to fall slowly over the next few days.

Click on any picture to enlarge!
So the rivers are falling and mild weather is on the way! With Spring being on the 20th of this month at 7:21pm EDT the warmer weather is getting closer! I see 60s by the middle of next week! Maybe I should get around to changing the background of the blog with all this mild weather on the way?!?! lol.

So hang in there bloggers. Spring is near! I'll check back again soon.

God Bless!

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