Friday, March 11, 2011

Sad Event Effecting So Many People! Earthquake And Tsunami Taring Apart Japan, Now The Tsunami Is Heading For Hawaii, And Toward The U.S. West Coast!!

Oh my gosh bloggers this is a scary day for so many across the world!! The biggest earthquake to hit Japan since records began almost 150 years ago smashed into the country's northeast coast today, triggering a 32-foot tsunami that swept away boats, cars and homes and killed hundreds of people. Large waves are now rolling into Hawaii, where thousands of people have been evacuated from the islands' coastline, and toward the U.S. West Coast.

(All these pictures are taken in Japan after the Earthquake and tsunami)
The 8.9-magnitude quake's epicenter was 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, the United States Geological Survey reported. But the destruction caused by the natural disaster is expected to spread far beyond Japan, as the Red Cross in Geneva reported the swell moving across the Pacific was higher than some islands. Take a look at this scary video from areas of Japan. Again My heart goes out to everyone effected and or everyone about to be effected

So far, authorities in Japan have confirmed 88 deaths caused by the natural disaster. But sadly the final death toll will be far higher. Police in Miyagi Prefecture, the most severely hit area in northeastern Japan, told Kyodo news that between 200 to 300 bodies had been found in the coastal city of Sendai. They are thought to have drowned in the tsunami.
Sadly this scary event continues across the world. Now areas of Hawaii, will be effected by this. Tsunami sirens were sounded and coastal areas were being evacuated in Hawaii, where the first waves were expected to hit about 6 a.m. PST Friday.

Waves about a foot and a half high hit Wake Island in the Northern Pacific, meaning the biggest waves to hit Hawaii could reach more than 6 feet, said Gerard Fryer, a geophysicist for the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

"We're preparing for the worst and we're praying for the best," said John Cummings III, spokesman for the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management.

Tsunamis can travel at speeds of 500 mph, as fast as a jetliner. Tsunami warnings are issued due to the imminent threat of a tsunami. Waves could hit the western coast of the United States. The warnings issued by the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center cover an area stretching the entire western coast of the United States and Canada from the Mexican border to Chignik Bay in Alaska.

So again stay tuned to your National Weather Service if your in an area where a Tsunami could be heading! Also stay tuned to your local weather station if possible. Everyone please pray for these people!

(GOD BLESS THEM) My Hart, Thoughts, and Prayers go out to everyone during this scary dangerous event!

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