Monday, March 28, 2011

Hissing Geese And Rainbows At Night??? What The??? ;)

Believe it or not today actually turned out to be a nice day weather - wise across the area! Even though Lafayette, only hit a high of 48.1* degrees it seemed to feel warmer then that. Maybe all the sunshine had something to do with that?!?! lol. It created the illusion that it felt warmer because it looked like it should have felt warm! ;)

I even made it out to Armstrong park for a quick run around the pond. I also learned something I never knew lol.
Yes, that's right!! Hissing Geese lol. Did anyone know that geese could hiss?? I never knew this lol. I found out as I came down the hill at a jog and passed some geese. One of them looked over at me and hissed lol. I looked over and couldn't believe what I had seen... I was amazed! I thought to myself (Maybe it's part cat?) lol. Would that make it a (Gat!)... Or a (Coose?) lol As you can tell it doesn't take much to amaze me lol. Anyway, I just had to share that with you all.

Now what about our weather!?!

Well, today we seen sunny skies across the area however tomorrow we will be looking at something slightly different. I'm looking for partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. I say partly to mostly cloudy because a few breaks in the clouds could be possible from time to time. However some more clouds will move in later that evening / night along with a few light flurries possible. This is only a slight chance. Around 10%. I look for any precipitation to mainly stay from I-70 south. You can see in this weather model below.
Still I cannot totally rule out the chance of flurries or a light mix. This would be extremely light (IF ANY). Again I believe that this will mainly be a I-70 south event. Otherwise expect a high Tuesday of 49* degrees and a low around 26* degrees. Wednesday I look for partly cloudy skies through out the day with a high around 53* degrees and a low that night around 29* degrees.

But the good news if you ready to start feeling like Spring is mild weather is coming soon!! Yes, I see highs in the 50s and 60s once again by the first week of April!! Which is only around 4 day away!!

But until then I have something else to help keep you bloggers warm! Did you know it's possible for a rainbow at night?? Well it is! Take a look.

A RAINBOW AT NIGHT: Recipe for a rainbow: Add bright sunlight to raindrops and voila!--a beautiful band of multi-colors arcs across the sky. With such an ingredient list, you might suppose that rainbows can only be seen during the day, yet on March 24th Ethan Tweedie of Kamuela, Hawaii, recorded this spectacular example long after dark:
"It was a moonbow," explains Tweedie. The bright moon played the role of sun, illuminating nightime raindrops falling through the damp Hawaiian air. "I've been trying to photograph a moonbow for a long time. Last night I was driving back from the Volcano there it was!"
Tweedie's long exposure revealed something even more rare: a secondary moonbow. It's the faint 'bow arciing above the brighter primary. Primary rainbows are caused by single reflections inside raindrops; secondary bows are caused by double reflections. It was a night to remember, indeed.

I wish you all a great evening and an Awesome Tuesday!

God Bless!


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