Friday, March 25, 2011

Winter Is Over, Still We Have A Winter Weekend Forecast!! 10* Degrees Below Average With Snow Flurries On The Way!!

Okay bloggers the weekend is coming!! Yes, So what's the weekend weather looking like? Well, lets take a look.

First off lets ok at these cool temperature!
This map above is a look at Saturday's highs. Which we are looking for a high right around 42* degrees. We have been running around 10* to 11* degrees below average over the past few days! And again we will be around 11* degrees below average tomorrow. Average high for this time of year is right around 54* degrees. We have been seeing highs the past few days in the low 40s! WOW You can see in the map above how the jet stream is keeping us in this cooler air and all the nice mild weather well to our south. This will pretty much be the story until we head closer to the end of the week into next weekend!

With that being said. We also have some light snow in the forecast!

Now before you freak out lol I'm not looking for any real accumulating snowfall. Just a few light scattered snow flurries across the area by Saturday night into early Sunday morning. You can see in this chart above that the clouds will be in the area for Saturday with that rain / snow moving closer by 8:pm EDT. Scattered snow flurries over Saturday night into early Sunday morning.
You can see in this chart looking into early Sunday morning around 8:am EDT that the main area to see the chance for some minor accumulation will be mostly from I-70 south in and around that area. After the light scattered snow flurries Sunday morning we will begin to clear out by that afternoon to become partly cloudy for the rest of the day. So the weekend will feel like winter however 50s return by late week into next weekend! So finally we will be back around average. We just have to continue to take it one day at a time for now. I know a lot of you have spring fever but hang in there!

Right now we can expect to be below average both Saturday and Sunday. High Saturday of 42* degrees, A low that night of 20* degrees. And on Sunday a high of 41* degrees, with a low Sunday night around 20* degrees once again...

So with that said, I wish you all a great weekend! Get out and make it a nice one! ;)

God Bless...

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