Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon Forecast! Take Pictures And Enjoy!!

Okay bloggers! Here's the deal for tonight's Super Full Moon forecast. I do think we will get a view of it! However we may wanna get out and see it as soon as possible tonight! This is because more clouds will be moving as the night continues. So I'm afraid that if you wait to long to go out and take a peak at the sky you may not get a good look at it. Here's the outlook I put together below.
So partly cloudy skies across the area however becoming mostly cloudy as the night continues. Still if you get out and view it early you should get a peak at it! Plus if you can view it early on the horizon then that is when it'll look it's biggest and brightest anyway! So good luck! I really hope you all get a good look at this moon. It really is amazing. And again if you can get any pictures I would love to post them here on JIWB. You can send them to me at I look forward to any pictures you can get of this Super Full Moon! ;)

Now the reason we will see more clouds move in as the night continues tonight is because we will have a Warm front push through the area over Sunday bringing some rain and maybe a few thundershowers as well. Take a look at these surface charts below.
This chart above is looking at Sunday morning around 8:am EDT. You can see the clouds over the area with rain moving closer. Scattered rain showers will be likely across the area off and on through out Sunday. I cannot rule out a few scattered thundershowers as well.
Scattered showers still around the area by 8:pm EDT Sunday night. Warm front will be passing over the area Sunday night when means we won't see a big drop in the temperatures. I'm looking for a high Sunday around 59* degrees with a low only falling a few degrees around 56* degrees.

So that's the latest for now bloggers. Again I would get out as early as possible to view the moon tonight just in case the clouds move in early! Take pictures and enjoy! ;)

Take care and God Bless!

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