Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Telescopes Are Cleaned Up And Ready To Super Full Moon Watch! ;)

Alright bloggers as you can see above I'm all ready to go tonight!! LOL Yes, I got my Telescope all cleaned up and ready to Moon watch! My sister and I will be heading out to my aunts house tonight where we should have a good view! From her place we should be able to see the moon near the horizon. I will try to take a few pictures however I don't have a great camera so they will most likely look like a big round white ball lol. Still we will know it's the moon! ;)

If any of you get any pictures I would love to post them here on JIWB. So you can send them to me at Have fun tonight bloggers! I'll check back soon.

For the moon watch forecast tonight see the last post just under this one!

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