Monday, April 11, 2011

Update As Of 1:17am EDT...

Okay, Current data is showing me EHI values between 0.5 and 1 which isn't bad! I'm still not seeing tornadoes as a threat in the viewing area tonight thank goodness!! Also our Lifted Index (LI) is at -1 which is much better! Much more stable then we were earlier this evening. Since we lost daytime heating we have had time to stabilize as expected. Right now I'm only seeing scattered small hail in this line. So some areas in the viewing area could still see some small hail possible in some storm cells however this is looking scattered! Not a huge threat.

And winds I'm seeing gusting to 45 mph 55 mph at the most. And this is only in some cells as well. So while many of us have been seeing and will continue seeing winds gusting to 35 mph some could see gusts to 45 - 50 mph in some storms tonight. Again not everyone!

Really things are looking much better then they did earlier this evening. Right now I'm looking at thunderstorms tonight with isolated severe possible. So right now main threats will be some gusty winds in storms and some possible small hail.

Right now there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Jasper, and Newton, counties however this storm will be north of Remington, and Kentland, as well as the city of Brook, in Newton, county and also north of Rensselaer, in Jasper, county. This warning will be in effect until 12:45am CDT 1:45am EDT.

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