Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squall Line Update As Of 11:08pm EDT

Okay bloggers here's the update! We was looking at Lifted Index (LI) earlier this evening in my last post sitting around -6 and -7! However currently we have made some improvement as we have lost the daytime heating! We are now looking at current LI between -3 and -4 which yes, is still unstable however not as unstable as we were a few hours ago.

Still we will be watching this line of storms very closely. I still believe that the tornado threat will be well to the north of the viewing area. Our current EHI values are around 1 and 2 which are typical thunderstorm producing values. This is good news! Not great news, but good news! :)

You can see the line really developing in this radar image below.
Image taken at 11:07pm EDT

As for the main storm threats for our viewing area tonight. Take a look below.

A few Hailers possible in the viewing area. These storms have had hail reports of 1.50" inches in size!

Frequent Lighting (as with any thunderstorm).

Damaging winds in storms. Winds will be steady tonight between 15 - 25 mph outside of storms, Gusting to 30 - 35 mph. However winds in storms could be as high as 60+ mph at times! Minor wind damage has been reported with some of these cells in this line of storms.

I still look for this line to be here sometime after 2:am EDT tonight. But again main threats seem to be Hail, Wind, and Lightning, for our area. Rainfall between a quarter and a half inch with some locally higher amounts in storms possible.

I'll continue to go through data and I'll check back as needed during storms as well. Get ready for a long tracking night bloggers! Hit the coffee! ;)

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