Sunday, April 3, 2011


We're still fairly stable at this time bloggers however don't let your guard down just yet! Data still supports some scattered thunderstorms with some stray strong storms possible. However the good news is I'm still keeping our tornado threat low at this time.

LI is currently around -0 to -1 in areas which isn't bad. EHI is around 0 which is good. And CAPE values are between 500J/kg and 1,000J/kg which isn't bad. Still we are slightly unstable and because of that we will continue to watch things closely over the next few hours. The storms will still be here "after" 2:am EDT. The winds will start to calm down after 4:am EDT or so. Still some gusty winds inside thunderstorms will be likely!

So we're not out of the woods! However we are not as unstable as we were. I will check back as needed.

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