Sunday, April 3, 2011

Model Data


This is a Mesoscale Analysis image above. Right now the areas you see that I have marked in purple are the areas to watch for tornadoes currently. Make sure you click to enlarge this image so you can see everything I'm talking about. There are cells currently in these purple areas. A majority of significant tornadoes (F2 or greater damage) have been associated with STP values greater than 1, while most non-tornadic supercells have been associated with values less than 1 The red areas are currently at values around 2! The good news is you can see that the WLFI viewing area is looking okay at this time! Still as we continue to become more unstable as the night goes on we will have to watch this closely!

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Brow said...

Very interesting...Ilike the map shots like this. I'm wondering if the loss of day time heat will calm things down a bit?