Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dangerous Heat Takes Lives.

Today could be our hottest day we've seen this season! With temperatures in the UPPER 90s! And heat Index well over 112* degrees!
The heat continues. This will be the story on JIWB over the next week or so. This heat isn't giving up on the U.S that's for sure. Sadly I have learned that this searing heat wave in the central and southern United States has killed at least 22 people this week. Hospitals in Wichita treated 25 heat-related illnesses, according to the National Weather Service. In Des Moines, Iowa, 16 people have been hospitalized because of this week's high temperatures. Up to 1,500 cattle have died in South Dakota because of the heat wave. and people In Indianapolis, homeowners were being asked to stop watering their lawns through at least Sunday.
You can see the pattern we have been stuck in by looking at this map above and the map below. Above is the expected highs around the area today. You can see everyone in the upper 90s to 100* degrees today! With no relief in sight.
That's right. Above is the precipitation map. You can see nothing, No rain to speak of to help cool us. It's starting to look like a desert outside.

With at least 22 people confirmed dead do to this heat, It only continues to get even more scary the longer it goes on. Stay safe and cool bloggers. Keep in touch with friends and family during this heat. Drink lots of water, and stay inside as much as possible with the A/C.

I'll check back soon. God Bless!

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