Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indianapolis Seen Its Hottest Day Since 1988!! Temperatures Reaching 100* Degrees All Across The State!

We had the hottest day of the year this afternoon bloggers. Indianapolis, had it's hottest day since August of 1988!! They hit a scorching high of 100* degrees this afternoon. Take a look at just a few of the highs from across the area below.
You can see Remington, coming in with a high of 101* degrees. This was just after 5:pm EDT which caused a heat index of 116* degrees! Next highest temperate comes from Indianapolis and the Lafayette, area with 100* degrees recorded. I recorded a high of 97* degrees at 2:43pm EDT which caused a heat index of 114* degrees.

And this heat will continue on as we head into the weekend!
Yes, we still have that excessive heat warning in effect for the whole state of Indiana and a big portion of the U.S. We will see this heat warning in effect until 8:pm EDT Saturday evening. Here are just a few things you can do to help beat the heat.

To avoid heat related health problems, it is recommended that you do the following:
•Drink plenty of cool water

•Avoid exposure outdoors

•Try to reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening

•Wear loose-fitting, light colored clothing

•Never leave children or pets in parked cars, even with windows cracked open

•If you do not have air conditioning, go to a public location that is air-conditioned just for a few hours (this can help your body maintain appropriate temperatures)

So how long is this heat going to continue before we see even a slight break?? Well, here is a look at your weekend temperatures I put together below.
You can see that heading into the weekend the highs will still be very dangerous. Highs in the Middle to low 90s which means the heat index will still be in the dangerous level well over 100* degrees. (Heat index are shown in pink).

The good news is at this time the MOS models are showing me some 80s trying to return by the start of next week! It won't be a major cool down as we would still be between 2* - and 5* degrees above are average. However it is a welcomed start! So I will keep watching that for you all over the next few days. Until then please stay safe and as cool as you can. I'll check back soon.

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