Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hottest 8 Day Heat Wave In 70 Years! Finally Rain Cools Us If Only For A Little While.

The Indianapolis area is experiencing the hottest 8 day Heat Wave since July 1941. The average temperature for the period from the 17th through the 24th will be near 86.5 degrees. The high temperature for this period will average near 96 degrees...the highest since July 1988. The low temperature will average a stifling 77.5 degrees...reminiscent of the Dust Bowl summer of 1936.
During this period, Indianapolis reached 100 degrees for the first time since August 1988. The string of 8 consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher will be the longest since the 14 day string during the summer of 2007.

High Temperature last occurrence at Indianapolis

100 degrees on July 21, 2011

102 degrees on August 16, 1988

103 degrees on July 15, 1988

104 degrees on July 14, 1954

106 degrees on July 14, 1936

The highest temperature recorded at the Indianapolis airport is 107 degrees on July 25, 1934.

Good news is we're finally seeing some much needed rain this afternoon.
I snapped this picture while out earlier. I have never been so pumped to see rain lol. And there is nothing better then driving through a deep rain puddle and watching the rain water splash over the truck! Yeah, I know that sounds a little immature lol, but I really do care! ;)

(Let me note that the car was stopped when I took this pic, I do not use my phone while driving!)
I do hope that everyone is enjoying this rain while it's here. We may not see more for a little while. Right now models show a slight chance for a light rain here and there at least once this week, However I don't feel it's a good enough chance to put it into the forecast just yet. As for the temperatures. Well, we have cooled off into the lower 70s as this rain is passing, however we will be back into the low 90s by tomorrow and through the rest of the week.

Here's Monday's outlook below.