Monday, November 26, 2012

Snow Showers Lead To A Dusting In The Lafayette, IN Area. Paw Prints In The Snow!

Shiloh's paw print in the snow tonight. My good friend Larissa sends in this picture after tonight's snowy event.
We forecast a 10 to 15% chance of snow flurries across the area tonight and that's just what we saw. We had that light band of snow showers move across the area still trying to push to our east as we head into the overnight. Take a look at this radar image taken at 11:16pm EST tonight below.
That system we talked about in my last post coming up from the southeast is what gave way to our wintry system tonight. We have a light dusting of snow on cars and on the grassy areas. Any small puddles of water will freeze tonight so please be cautious while out driving. There could be a few slick spots around town. Take a look at the snow on this car below.
We picked up a good tenth inch of snow in the Lafayette, area this evening. Not much, but enough to grab our attention and remind us that winter is on the way! A reminder that snow is coming. I'm still watching the long range as some models are pointing to a developing system after the 10th of December. Its a ways off yet so don't get your hopes up, however anything is possible.

Here's another picture out of the Lafayette, area below.
I was excited as always watching the snow fall outside the window at work this evening. I'm ready for that big snow! It gets me in the spirit of the holidays for sure.

Its going to be a cold night followed by another cold afternoon tomorrow. I'm forecasting lows tonight around 22* degrees with a high tomorrow only reaching 37* degrees. Because of this I again ask you to take it slow if you're out on the roads tonight and into tomorrow morning. Any water left standing will freeze making things slick and icy.

Take a look at the snow on the back of my truck as I was heading home from work.
Have a great night bloggers and a safe blessed tomorrow!

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