Monday, November 26, 2012

Snow for Indiana?

Well, we finally have some snow showing up on radar. However its nothing much. A few light scattered show flurries to the northwest of Lafayette, in areas up around Kankakee, and Watseka, IL. This most likely won't reach our area however I do still have some light flurries in the forecast for later tonight.
This radar image was taken at 11:31am EST.
As for tonight, I'm looking for a cold low around 22* degrees. with partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. As a system move up from our southwest we will have to keep around a 10% to 15% chance of a few scattered light snow flurries in the area. Otherwise we will be calm and mostly cloudy during the overnight. Here's a look at that system moving up below.
Looking ahead a bit, I have some models pointing to a possible developing system later on as we head into the 2nd week of December. Maybe even a snow system!?! This is something I will continue to watch and keep you posted on.
Have a great day.

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