Monday, December 10, 2012

Blizzard video from MN, and SD.

The system that gave way to all our rain over the past few days has lifted northeast. This system that gave way to heavy rainfall at times across Indiana, is also part of the same low pressure system that caused blizzard conditions in areas to our northwest in MN, and SD.  Heavy  heavy snowfall with winds blowing to 40+ mph. here in Indiana we saw a few light snow flurries this evening however nothing even close to what I like about winter.

I have a few weather videos from both MN, and SD, below. Armature video uploaded to youtube from first hand eye witnesses. Take a look. 
Blizzard of the year in places of Minnesota. You can see people trying to dig out of over 18" inches of snow across parts of Minnesota. This storm has left its mark on anything in its path. Roads especially! It has been a nightmare for roads crews trying to keep up with the accumulating snow. Many accidents have accrued over the past few days do to the slick snowy / icy conditions.

Here is another look at this dangerous blizzard from the SD, side of things.
Brookings, South Dakota Blizzard 2012.
They didn't have any snow before this blizzard blew through. This is two days of continuous snow and 40mph winds. It stopped when it when about knee deep. With winds of 40+ mph and snow this deep, it can easily drift several feet high! I've measured 4" inches of snow here in Lafayette, IN before that has drifted into 12" and 15" inches in areas! It can get pretty crazy. I pray that everyone stays safe and practices caution during this major snow event.

So what about us here in the Midwest? well, we will have a COLD Tuesday with highs only reaching 38* degrees at the most. Along with a low Tuesday night around 24* degrees!  
We will have a brief warm up as we head into the middle of this week where highs could reach the upper 40s to low 50s once again. Looking ahead into the next few weeks we will watch a few more systems trying to develop and move into the area. I will have a post soon talking about the current storm track and if we will see a white Christmas here in Indiana this year. We have so many questions and not enough answers right now. So I will continue to go through data and keep you posted as much as possible. Have a great night bloggers. God Bless!

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