Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White Christmas? Watching two systems over the next few weeks.

Christmas is getting closer everyday and the month of December is an active one weather - wise. We have two more systems to watch between now and Christmas. One of which will be a warm weather system with precipitation in the form of rain. The other one could very well be our first snow of the season!
I don't want to give a full peak into our Christmas forecast just yet as its still subject to change. This system I have been tracking over the past few days has already changed at least two different times. So nothing is set in stone just yet. However I will have details on your Christmas outlook very soon.
Here's a look at the timing of when the next two systems can be expected.
That first system can be expected between the 15th and 16th. A warm weather system with lots of rain. The second system is the one I'm tracking over Christmas time. Some models show it heading in between Christmas eve and Christmas day, while other models have it moving in a little slower between Christmas night and December 26th. So this is one we'll have to watch over the next few days very closely! This is the system that will either give us a white Christmas or a green one.
Here's a look at how the weather conditions looked last year in Lafayette, IN over Christmas time below.



Minimum Temperature

32.0 °F

Mean Temperature

37.2 °F

Maximum Temperature

46.0 °F

Pressure and Dew Point

Mean Sea Level Pressure

30.22 IN

Mean Dew Point

28.6 °F


Total Precipitation

0.00 IN
Rain and/or melted snow reported during the day.


10.0 MI

Snow Depth

No data.

Wind Speed and Gusts

Mean Wind Speed

10.47 MPH

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed

20.00 MPH

Maximum Wind Gust

29.92 MPH
As for our weather tonight.
We have a COLD night ahead as the skies will be clear allowing that cold air to filter in giving us a low of only 24* degrees. Winds will be light between 10 and 15 mph.
I will keep you posted on our Christmas forecast. Have a great day bloggers.


Brow said...

There better be some snow in there! :)

Duane said...

Justin, I have been looking at some models and seeing the system you are talking about. I look forwad to reading your opinion on it. I was seeing...maybe hoping.. lol...that we could get some snow around the 23rd (before Christmas)....with a better chance the 26th or so.