Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great Way To Kick Off The First Official Day Of Winter! First Snow Of The Season On The Way!

What you're looking at above is one of my favorite weather models to use during winter weather. And guess what those beautiful blue bars mean on this image!!!!! SNOW! Yes, we're tracking a big weather system that will move in by as soon as midnight / 1:am tonight.We have a strong low pressure system that will give way to blizzard contitions across parts of the midwest over the next few days. We're not looking for anything of that magnatude in our area, however some heavy rain changing over to snow is in our future.
Here's a look at the system we will be tracking over the next day or two below.
Right now we are expecting to see rain move in sometime after midnight tonight. Rain will go through out Thursday until later that evening when it starts to change over to some snow showers. By the time we're finished with the rain, we could very well have picked up between .50" and 1" inch of rainfall.
(Image looking into 1:am EST Thursday).
Right now I'm expecting that rain to snow change over to be sometime around 6:pm or 7:pm EST Thursday. Give or take a little.
Above is a look at a surface chart looking into 7:pm EST Thursday. We will see that cold cold polar air wrap around into our area with a high starting out on Thursday at 50* degrees falling as the day continues. Only to end up with a low that night of 24* degrees! Snow showers would continue into the Friday morning hours before tapering off that late morning / early afternoon.
So how much snowfall am I currently expecting across the area? Well, take a look below.
Now remember that these numbers are simply a range of what we could see. I'm currently looking for areas around I-70 to pick up around an inch of snowfall possible. Central Indiana around the Lafayette, area to pick up between .50" and 1.50" inches. The Bufkit models are showing the likely hood of 1.3" inches of snow for the Lafayette, area at this time. With heavier snow at times the more north you go in areas of Newton, and Jasper, counties where I'm calling for a more wide area of 2" to 3" inches possible.
I will continue to go through data as much as possible to keep you all posted. I will try to update these number later on tonight after work. So stay tuned and get winter ready! What a great way to kick off the first official day of winter (Dec 21st).


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin....Any worries about the winds or freezing precipitation? Duane

JIWB said...

Hey Duane,

I don't currently see any freezing precipitation in this forecast however I will continue to watch for any changes and keep you posted. Winds will be a bit breezy at times with gusts to 25 - 28 mph possible.

We'll keep a watch!


Brow said...


Teri said...

Hi Justin!

Glad to see you are keeping up with the weather:)

Anonymous said...

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