Friday, December 21, 2012

Invisible Force Field Over Lafayette, Indiana?

It's almost like there is an invisible force field around Lafayette and the rest of Central Indiana. It seems every time we have some strong weather heading our way it magically breaks up right at the last second and goes around our whole area lol. This system started to pull in some dry air around central Indiana which allowed for the heaviest of snowfall to stay in the northern half and then southern half of the state. Leaving the rest of us in that half inch of snow range. Take a look.
The expected 1" to 2" inches fell in much of the north with very little snow where we figured at least an inch in the Lafayette area. Followed by 3" inches in areas of Indianapolis! They pulled in a lot of our moist air which allowed for some heavy snow bands to form giving them around an inch more snowfall then first expected.
Most of us can call this our first snow of the season, however Lafayette, and around cities cannot. With only a half inch of snow we still have to get that solid inch!!

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