Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snowfall totals are in! Plus a warm up that could cook up some flooding threats across the state.

At work again, Just got the final numbers from around the area, Here is a look at last night's snowfall totals.

Remington, 3.8" inches.
Kokomo, 3.0" inches
Monticello, 2.0" inches
Lafayette, 2.0" inches
Attica, 1.5" inches

And then the more north you went the slightly higher the totals got, I have a snowfall report from Rensselaer, of 5" inches! Also reports of Thunder-snow through out parts of Lafayette yesterday afternoon! It was crazy.

Now thing next thing we will be watching are these mild temperatures working their way into the area. Tomorrow I'm looking for a high of 43* degrees with a whopping high on Thursday of 60* degrees! Followed by another mild high on Friday of 45* degrees. Melting snow will cause a problem with flooding in areas so please be ready! I will try to have more on this soon. Take care bloggers.

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