Thursday, February 20, 2014

Storm Update as of 5:51pm EST

That line of storms is still forming out in front of this cold front, You can see in this surface chart above. That warm air is pushing up into the state with all that cold air building to our west. Some of the storms in this line are strong / severe. Some high damaging winds have been reported to the NWS along with a possible tornado in western IL.

You can see the squall line in this closer radar image below.
The line is moving east north east. The red area is where the severe storms are currently located in this system. We will be cutting it close as this line moves through. I'm watching the radars closely for any change in track. Here is a look at my local radar below.
There are some severe thunderstorm warnings issued with this line as you can see above along with a few tornado warnings. There has been some radar indicated rotation with these cells. Our southern counties will have the highest risk of seeing some of these cells, Counties around Montgomery, southern fountain, and Clinton counties. Main threats would be Damaging winds, Hail Lightning, and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

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