Thursday, February 20, 2014

Watching the storms closely!

Just went through some quick data looking at our current EHI, LI TT and CAPE values. Areas close to home are a little unstable as a small squall line of storms is starting to form along the cold front to our west right now. I still don't look for us to see a wide spread area of severe weather however a stray strong storm or two cannot be ruled out as the weather makes its way into the state.
If you look at this image you can see the main line of storms I've been taking about already forming from TX, / LA, and spreading into KY, and southern Indiana. However this second line that is forming is north of LA in MO, right now. Currently nothing severe however they will pop a bit more as they move closer. Still expecting the main severe weather to be in southern IL and IN, and then more south of there however with EHI values around 0.1 to 1.0 we cannot rule out a possible stray strong storm or two. That's it for now bloggers. I'll check back when I can. Currently still at work! ;)