Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!! And Be careful traveling!

Hey there!

I would like to start by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! AND WOW what a wet system we had! We had it all! We had Snow we had Sleet we had Freezing rain and we had just Rain!!!!! It was a wintry mess out there! Now just snow would have been fine with me :) The bad thing about this system was the road reports! Of cars turned over on there side's and pile ups! This is just something we don't want to see! So when things get like they where yesterday! We all should just stay home if we can! And only go out if we have to! Now I know a lot of people will be traveling today as it is Christmas Eve! YA!!!!! :) Sorry about that I almost lost my cool there! :) Anyway please be careful if you are going up north as there could be some slick or icy roads! In places! So just take your time and be safe! Here in Tippecanoe County I ended up with a total ice amount of one Tenth inch! Not much but I'M glad! I did not want to see a repeat of last week! Also most of the watches warnings and Advisories will be allowed to expire today that's some good news!!!With the earliest over by 4:am this morning!!!!! And there was some highlights of the day! Like SNOW! That's right we did get an early Christmas Gift!!!!! You see below the Nickel size snow flakes!!!!!
Snow on Christmas or not it will be a great one! This snow was sooooooo beautiful to watch! I only ended up with .20" Inch of snow but it covered the ground sidewalks and street's! You can see below my walkway! Is / was covered with snow!
This was fine until we had the Tenth inch of icy mess on top of it! The ice is what we could have done without! But again the good news is it was not much ice here in Tippecanoe Co,

Now This is one of the best days of the year!!!!! Well other then Christmas day it's self! We all will be watching Christmas movies and getting some food ready! popping the turkey or Ham in the oven tonight! Oh I can smell it now! :) But first!!!!!! I will give you your forecast! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Forecast!

Today we will have a few left over rain showers however we should have a slight brake in the rain between 6:am and 8:am but we will start to see the whole system move out by later on this afternoon! Now one of my models is showing at least some snow flurries for Christmas morning! So I will still keep a few snow flurries in the forecast!!! We will see how that plays out! Either way we all will have a Merry Christmas! Right?? :)

I will see you all After Christmas! I Will be spending some Family time and catching up with everybody! ((((Have a Very Merry Christmas From My Family to yours!)))) I will see you all real Soon!!!!! Oh One more thing before I forget! If your Kids would like to track Santa on hit trip around the world! Here is a link!

NORAD Santa Tracker at

Have a Marry Christmas and I will see you all soon!!!!! :)

I have talked with a lot of great people last night and it just seems like everybody is feeling that bit of magic in the air that always comes this time of year and even more on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! If you just take a minute to set back and enjoy the lights family and everything you will feel that magic!! It's like everything just stops for a minute or two! Again have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Wishing you a warm and loving Holiday! ;-)

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