Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weather reports pouring in.

Hey I'M checking in with you all again!

Some roads are better then others! The road crew's are doing there best here in Indiana by pouring salt and doing what ever they can! I did just get off the phone and have a reports that there was about a 12 car pile up with a few 18 wheelers involved! This was in Wisconsin, on 94 between Milwaukee, and Racine. This is why we say when things are like they are today! The best thing you can do is stay home! Now most roads in Indiana really in Tippecanoe are doing pretty good! Still you should always keep an eye out for slick spots and icy areas! This is also because some of the back roads and neighborhood roads are still snow covered! They are really slick because we have a layer of snow on the bottom and another layer of Ice on top of that! I had another Report coming from about a mile from Remington, coming off an Off ramp on 65 there was a car on it's side! So again please take your time and be careful! This freezing rain and or sleet will continue through out at least 10:pm tonight! Before it changes over to all rain with a possible chance of some snow mixed in with it! I'M also still keeping hope for at least some snow flurries on Christmas but if not this of what snow we had this morning as an early Christmas gift!

I will have some pictures of our Big snow flakes on here later tonight! If anybody has any weather pictures you can send them to me at storm18mini@aol.com and I will post them on the Blog! Please keep safe and I will check back as needed!

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