Friday, December 5, 2008

Watching more snow after Saturday!! And some Winter driving tips!

Quick Cast................................

Tonight. Lows in the teens with a 5 to 10 mph wind making it feel like it is only 9* Degrees outside! I'M thinking an extra blanket on the bed! And a Hot cocoa by your side!

Saturday. Snow back in the forecast! I'M looking for snowfall totals to be in that Half inch to an Inch range and 1" to 3" up in the northen Counties! Snow expected to start somethine after 8:am. Temperatures in the upper 20s with some possible gusty winds possible!

Saturday Night. Cold wind chills at night! Lows in the mid teens with a 10 to 20 mph wind making it feel like near Zero!! You will need the warm warm layers!

Extended outlook. A slight warm up on Monday not much only in the 30s but with our current temperatures in the low to mid 20s this will feel like a warm up! Won't last for long so don't get your hopes up warm weather lovers! I'M watching some more sticking snow back in the forecast by Late Monday into Tuesday! I will keep you posted on this as it gets closer! For now I'M watching it closely.....We will keep one another updated!!

It was a cold day yesterday! With a high of only 32* degrees without adding in the wind chill! Although you can not tell it was a cold day by the looks of this beautiful sunset above! I thought I would post it to help warm you all up after a cold day! We all need to warm up a little bit before our next snow system moves on in! Saturday is our next good chance of seeing a possible Half inch to an Inch of snow! and a little higher amounts up north! I have made a map to help show you below. I still think our first bigger snow of this season will be coming up here soon! I'M currently watching a snow system for Tuesday into Wednesday! I won't post any totals yet but I will soon! For now we will all just have to watch it keep each other posted and see how it looks!

You can see just who will see the Half inch to Inch and the higher amounts of 1" to 3" in Newton and Jasper County, And places closer to the lake effect snow areas! I think most of us will be closer to the Half inch mark in Lafayette. I know some of you would rather not have any snow but we need to remember if you drive safe and watch for the other driver you can help to make the road ways safer! It is one steep at a time! There is some people who think they can just go out there and go Fast!! these are the kind of people we need to watch. Yes snow can be beautiful but dangerous!! I always say it's looks can and most likely will fool you!! Here is a few Winter weather driving tips to help you be sure you are ready for winter weather driving before you hit the roads!

# 1. Slow down: Driving too fast is the No. 1 winter driving error,

# 2. Look ahead: "Winter drivers need to use their eyes more effectively,"

# 3. Brake before you enter a corner: Smoothly apply your brakes before you reach a corner and then release the brakes and use all the grip of the car to corner. Then, once you are through the turn, accelerate out. "Enter a corner with too much speed and then try to adjust in the corner and you will lose grip,"

Number one is the biggest one we all need to do!! Slow it DOWN! That I think is one of the main things a lot of people Forget! But if we fallow these Winter driving tips we can then enjoy winter as this picture below.

This is how we want to look at snow nice and peaceful!! This is the time of year where we all should be jolly! :-) And not bitter over the thought of snow! It is almost the start of winter and we all need to be ready because December is looking like a SNOWY month! As I said before! Have a great day everybody make it a great one and Thank you for reading the blog!!!!! Now I have to get some sleep so I can be ready to track more wild Indiana weather later today! :-)

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