Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another mild day before we fall temperature wise! Along with a wild weather pattern coming into play soon enough.

Hey there first off I wanted to let you all know I have changed the look of this Blog a little bit and hope you all like it. I just felt we needed a change! Feel free to let me know what you think? Thanks! Now back to weather.

Well we have one more day of mild temperatures before the big COLD DROP!

Today we will see highs again right around the high 30s to low 40s. Yesterday we seen a high here of 46.6* degrees and there where a lot of people reporting that the sun felt GREAT! A lot of people had there moon roofs opened while driving home and said it was nice and made them want Spring even more. Well I got some bad news for them..... This is why the weather man is not liked very much! lol..... We have that big cold falling temperatures after today! But first I would like to show you a picture of some Cirrocummulua clouds or another name is Mackerel sky. Which these clouds are known as an omen of good weather. And Yesterday was a lot of good weather! Take a look below.Now as a weather lover I love to see Mackerel sky! It has got to be one of my favorite clouds to look at other then Contrail clouds. Which as you know are made from the moisture off of Jet engines. They can make some cool images in the sky!

Now real quick I want to give an update on the system to come. Timing is everything! And right now the maps and models are looking for Wednesday into Thursday. And some show it being to warm to snow while others are still iffy. This tells me that this is going to be another system where we wont let our guards down and we will have a much better idea as it gets closer. And we wont make a final call till it is closer. I love snow so I will be looking for it! ;-) So we will talk more about this again as it gets closer and time it out a little later on. One thing we need to remember is these systems like to go 100 to 150 miles north and west then the models show as I was told once and that is true! So that is another thing we will be looking for. I still say if our temperatures stay below that freezing mark then we could very well see snowfall around the 3 to 5 range. But if not then we need to be watching for a change over to a possible mix. This is why we will wait and see as things move it later on. And I will keep you all posted. Still later on next week I do see us getting into a more wild pattern with a lot of moisture to work with so that will be fun for all weather lovers like myself.

For today lets just enjoy another mild day! I know when I was out yesterday it felt just like Spring. And it also helped to get rid of some of my cabin fever. The only down side was all the puddles and mud from all that melted snow. And we can expect to see more of that today. I also know of a lot of people wanting to wash there cars. And I agree after all the salt and snow from the last snow system we had just about all cars need a good wash but with all the puddles! I would rather wait.

Also for tomorrow or we can say Saturday will not only be the start of our colder weather but also we could see a few light snow flakes. However it will not be much at all we will save that for later on next week maybe. But we can't rule out a few light flurries. The weekend is not all bad I do see some Partly cloudy skies for Sunday so that should give you the Hope to get through this add winter. Most people are already counting down to Spring! ;) Hang in there warm weather lovers it will be soon enough..........

I'll check back soon..........

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