Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been up for hours but the forecast is coming together!

Well taking a look at our weekend forecast above it is not looking to bad. Sure a little cold but at least we start it out with some partly cloudy skies and not a rainy mess right? ;) This is going to be the start of our cold plunge. So I hope you did not put away you coats hats and gloves just yet! We can also see the high around 16 for tomorrow. Let me remind you the temperatures above are with out wind chills. I know I'M not making you all feel any batter..... lol..... But I will have some better news here in a minute! Just hang in there. One thing we will need to watch out for this morning as you head out will be some patchy ice in areas.

That's right because of all the melting snow we seen yesterday we now have to watch for that icy mess in places. However most roads should be OK still I feel I should give you the heads up for I have had a few people report that there driveways where like a sheet of ice as well as my back walk is covered with ice. Again looking at some road reports as of now they are mostly Dry! This is a big plus. But sidewalks are slick!

Now I am Pumped up! Why? well I have been working on this wild forecast for hours now and I feel like I have a good idea as to whats coming! This is good because now you have a good idea as to whats coming! ;) lol..... OK here we go..... Like you seen above today and Sunday are the start of our cold outbreak. Which will stick around until closer to Tuesday. Now we have two snow systems to watch one however will be light! Monday is the first sticking snow this week. Where we are currently looking for snowfall here in the Tippecanoe county area to be little around an inch or less. Closer to an inch and a half down south of I70.

The next system is the tricky one. Now here is why amounts are up in the air!

If you pull up just about any model map you will see the big amounts of moisture is to our south! And as most people yesterday was saying how will we see snow if all the moisture is to our south?? Well I have been talking to Mike Prangley tonight and first off I want to give a big thanks to Mike for all he does he really is a great guy! And we both agree that these systems like to move 100 to 150 miles north and west then the models show! This happens time and time again! I have seen this happen before. So if this happens this time then we could very well see a bigger snow! This is what we have to keep track of! This is why amounts are just going to be an idea at this time! Once it gets closer then we all will have a better handle on things and then will be able to give a strong forecasted amount! For now I will say if it does move more north then what the models show! Then we could see the 3-5 range with a possibility of more! But again timing is everything and watching it closely! I will be sure to fine tune things and time it all out as it gets closer.....

Now real quick for the good news I promised you! I do think a early spring! I see warmer temperatures as we get into February..... That is something to help get you through the snow to come and keep you with high hopes!

And thank you for all your votes on the Superbowl poll! And thank you for reading! Feel free to post your comments below. Have a great weekend and don't work to hard..........


Anonymous said...

Now your doing what a forecaster should do. Your looking at the models and then looking at history to make a forecast. i've always said we rely to much on the models and not enough on the brain God gave us. Other words, just look out the window. Keep up the good work and good luck in your forecasting.

Nathan said...

Nice Justin! Thanks for the update and all of your late night's hard work!