Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our forecast looks to be holding! A Bigger snow is looking likely

Ok for the system we talked about earlier Yesterday! About how they like to move 100 to 150 miles more north and west then the models show! Well so far things are going as planed up to this point! Looking at the latest the model runs they are already showing it moved up more north then they where last night as planed... And this is making me like our chances even more for a good snow! Also it is looking like we will stay cold enough. Currently I like the 3" to 6" inch range however there is a good chance for more I will keep you posted on that... We can expect all this by Tuesday into Wednesday. We will as always watch it closely and keep you all posted! But as of now! I would keep the snow shovels ready!

Also I was looking up a few things and past storms and it is the anniversary of the great blizzard of 1978! Which started on the 25th through the 27th of this month. However I don't see us getting another 78 storm this time around. I thought you all who remember the storm would like to know. If you have any stories of the 1978 storm I would love to hear them. You can post your stories below just click on comments.
Here is a quick picture I took this evening! You see we had mostly clear skies with a few High Cirrus clouds. Beautiful it really was..... If you have any kind of weather picture of a Sunset Birds your pets staying warm on a cold day. Or from this snow to come feel free to send them to me at and I would love to post them!

This could be are first big snow of the season if all goes as planed..... Currently our biggest snowfall this winter is right around four inches! Not much. Snow lovers can keep hope.....And one more thing we may see some cooler temperatures work back in by closer to Friday..........
Check back later and I will have another update coming your way this evening. See you then.......... Thank you for reading..........

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