Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here is your Quick Cast for the Superbowl!

Well there you have it a great looking football forecast! That 30* degrees for our high may need to be higher! As we could see our high closer to the upper 30s if we see enough sun! I'M sure you all will take that! It does not get much better then this! And even better news is that slight chance for freezing drizzle in the morning is now out! YA! We will start to look Partly cloudy as the day goes and it will make for a really nice Superbowl Sunday! Even with mild temperatures before we cool down Tomorrow!

That's right we have that big cold front going to push through later on today into tonight! We also will see some snow flurries come back in the forecast for Tuesday as another small Alberta clipper will move to our area! But it will not bring much looking for less then a half inch for now. Anyway We have a nice looking Sunday and a colder start to the week but you can enjoy today! Here is the picture of the day below for the Superbowl..........I will see you here later on tomorrow..........Don't eat to much! lol..........Now lets go cheer on our teems! :-P lol..........

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