Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wakeing up to the start of whats to come

WOW what a wake up call this morning! We walked out to a winter wonderland. No the models where not showing us this last night. However one did show us right around that inch mark which is what I currently have as seen below.And this is a good reason why I will keep my 3" to 6" inches for Tuesday with the chance for more! While most models still show the moisture to our south I really think we will start to see it move north before long. I still like this next bigger snow system to start late late Monday night to Tuesday into Wednesday. When it gets closer and I fell I can add to our amounts then I will do so. Remember to send in your snowy pictures to me at and I will post them.....As well as your snowfall totals you can post in comments below.....Here is a few quick pictures of our Inch of snow.
We Will see the snow flurries through out the day with a chance to see maybe another half inch or so. Otherwise we will still keep the bigger snow for later..... Get the shovels out and this is the start of whats to come. I think for once the kids will have something to really play in! And you adults! ;) I will have to get out my snowboard later and see what I can do..... Have a good one and I will have another snowy update coming your way real soon..........