Monday, January 26, 2009

Lets start the show and bring on the snow!

OK here is your update..........

I have checked out the latest model runs and I really do still like the 3" to 6" inch range! The main thing we need to watch is the way this system tracks. As in.....It only has to go around 100 miles more north and we will see our snowfall amounts go up! This is all it takes! and we have seen this happen time and time again. Still for now 3" to 6" sounds good and as it gets closer and if needed we can always add to our amounts.

We will see this system start in by later on tonight. And it will really take off by Tuesday morning and will go off and on through the day and will then start to tapper off by Wednesday morning to afternoon. This has been a wild system to track. And a lot of forecasters are having trouble. I have stuck by my forecast and will keep with it! I have not felt the need to change. I have be told in the past by Mike prangley that it is sometimes better to go with your gut rather then a model and sometimes you will be closer on a forecast! well My gut says this system will be between the 3" and 6" inch range and it has be moving north more and more so I like my forecast and will stick by it!

The best way I can put it is 3" to 6" inches is looking likely and if the system moves more north then we can expect more. Still for now my forecast is for 3" to 6" inch range and again we can add on as needed. But at least we can be ready for anything. This is a good thing! You can bet I will be back later on today with another update coming your way! This way we all can stay on top of things!

For now I have got to get some sleep here in a few! I feel I will have a busy day today! See you later! enjoy your winter wonderland.

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