Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update for our wild system to come

Here is a quick snowy update!

I have been looking through the models and going through the possible amounts for Tuesday into Wednesday and I still like my total range between 3" and 6" inches. I have been calling for the 3" to 6" inch range for the past two days and I still feel it holds. I know a lot of other stations and sites are calling for less while others are pretty close to mine I still like this range. One thing we have to keep in mind is every system that have formed off the golf of Mexico moisture this winter has come more north then the models have shown. However they did not fall as snow for our temperatures where to warm. This time we are ready for it to move north and our temperatures will stay below that freezing mark.! Which means anything that falls will fall as snow..... Which is great news.

Also we need to remember that if this system does move another 100 miles north then we will see our amounts go up! It is still a day and a half away so we will keep a close watch on it! Still for now I will stick with my 3" to 6" inch range and we can always add on later if needed. Either way I do see the kids playing in a good amount!

This is all expected to start Monday night and really take off by Tuesday. And start to tapper off by Wednesday. I will have more on this system coming later on tonight! See you then..........

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