Monday, January 26, 2009

We have the moisture and we are looking good

I'M still liking the looks of this system.

Now Here is why. We are expecting to see a few snow flurries today. And the models last night showed the snow right through the Tippecanoe county area. Well if you pull up just about any weather radar you will see the most of the snow has stayed to our north. This is good in a way. Why?? Well Like I said the models showed it through the Tippecanoe area and it went about 50 to 100 miles north then the models showed.

Now if we pull up the radar we will see the moisture is starting to take shape down in Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and is currently moving north north east. This is a good sign for snow lovers. This makes me think it will keep moving more north then what the models show and I really do like our snowy chances. I will keep it at the 3" to 6" inch range and if we need to then we can always add on later.

I will keep watching the system and I will keep you updated. I know this is going to be a long night for me! ;) have a good one..........

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