Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We may see our first big snow!

Hey Bloggers!
Real quick I wanted to let you all know I have a poll going at the top of this blog to your left! It is ((Who will win Superbowl XLIII)) And you can VOTE! I would love to see how you all vote so have fun!

Well I see another snow system we will watch and keep you posted on! And here is when and how!

We are currently expecting to see another snow system move in closer to Monday into Tuesday. Now with the way this system currently looks to be set up we could see a bigger snow! Now all year so far we have see the Alberta clippers! Which rarely give us big snows! But this time currently we look to have the moisture moving in at just the right time when we could see the cold polar air move in! Now lets put this together! Gulf of Mexico moisture! With the cold polar air! Is looking likely for a big snow! Now Let me remind you this is a week away! Which means it has time to change! And this year we can not be sure until it is Here! So for now I will keep watching it closely and keep you posted on this! As it gets closer!

Otherwise for the next few days we will be below average temperature wise. See for this time of year we should be around 33* degrees for a high! And for today we are looking for high temperatures around the low 20s. Here is a map I have made below!

Here is another map below of the Jet stream for today and then Thursday! Which is when I see the warmer weather move in for a little bit!So cooler but I do still see 30s in the forecast for Thursday. So again we will look forward to that! Also still a slight chance for some few light snow flurries today and for tomorrow mostly cloudy however I will still keep that slight chance to see a few light flurries as well! Again not much with these flurries if any!

So please vote have fun and I will see you soon! Make it a great one!


Anonymous said...

One gets the feeling the way this winter is going that the system for next week will be a dud as far as snow for us. How many times have we watched our chances for a big snow diminish as the system got closer this year? Will it be different this time? Keep us poster. We will watch it with you.

Justin said...

First off Thanks for your comment!

I can tell you right now that this system is going to be tricky to track! And I wont make a final call on it till it gets a little closer. It is still less then a week away! And I do see what you are talking about! Dud wise! lol. And We have seen at least four systems this winter go to ice that was looking for snow at one time.

So I will keep watching this closely and keep you posted!

I will have more on the system coming later on tonight!

See you then!