Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Beautiful Day Yesterday However Rain Is Now On The Way

Hey their again! Just checking in with the latest on our wild Indiana weather and I think wild is the key word here! First yesterday was a rather good day a little cool but other then that it was nice we had a high of 37.2* degrees. Our average high for this time of year is right around 38* degrees so we where right where we should have been. Above is a picture Teri sent in of the beautiful Cumulus Clouds we seen through out the day yesterday which they are usually known and go along with Fair weather. However not all the time as in if they start to darken or tower then heavy rain can fall even storms. But this time we had the Fair weather clouds! Nice light winds and beautiful blue skies.

Later on tonight will be another story! we will go from the nice blue skies we seen yesterday to some rain. However I think the rain will hold off until after midnight! So I would not cancel any plans you may have today. Here is a quick map I put together below to show you what we can expect for Wednesday.That's right we see that rainy mess with some snow flurries to snow showers on the back side after the cold front pushes through. Rainfall is something we will have to watch closely as I currently have us seeing closer to the half inch mark however if this storm track moves more north then what some of the models show then we could see closer to an inch of rain. With the rivers still being around 14.72ft which is still a good three feet above flood stage we don't want that much rain but for now I think we will stay below an inch. We are expected to be closer to 13.9ft by 7:pm this evening but that is still a good two feet above flood stage which is at 11.0ft. So we will keep watching this system closely through out the day today and keep you posted as needed.

Now for snowfall amounts on the back side I think the heaviest snow would stay to the north of Lafayette this time around but we could still pick up a quick inch possible. We will hold off the chance for a slightly bigger snow for the weekend. Which is when that next Alberta clipper will work it;s way down to us and currently looks like another 2" to 4" inches possible. I will keep you posted on that as well. After this cold front pushes through our area our high temperatures are going to fall once again to the 20s so we should all run out and grab some cocoa! :-) But don't fear for long as I do see us getting warmer again after the weekend. So enjoy the 40s while you can today and tomorrow before we drop again!

So for today we will start out with Partly cloudy skies and a high of around 41* degrees then as the day goes we will see the clouds start to move into our area and a low around 25* degrees. Then look for the rain to start sometime closer to 1:am. We will see some breezy winds between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 25 mph. Wednesday we can look for wind gusts to around 30 mph. Yes more breezy winds are back in our forecast! good news is it will be nothing like last week!

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Anonymous said...

Justin, is getting windy, I dont like the looks of the chill that is heading our way! I have seen temps could be 0-10 degrees yuck