Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Cast Update................

Ok here is your quick update for tonight into tomorrow or Wednesday if you will.

Tonight we are looking for the rain to start closer to midnight. The good news is by the looks of the latest track the low looks like it will stay to our north and the heaviest of the rain will stay around the TN, areas. However we could see a few thunderstorms in southern Indiana but Lafayette should be ok. Rainfall for the Lafayette and WLFI Viewing area should stay around that Half inch mark as of now. We will see a few gusty winds tonight into early morning. between 10 and 20 mph with a few gusts to 25 maybe 28 mph. We will also see winds gusts to 25 mph on Wednesday into Thursday which will give way to our wind chills near zero. So dress warm as you go out. Now one more thing We will be rather cool temperature wise for the next few days after tomorrow but never fear we will start to warm back up later on as we head into next week! This will give you something to look forward to and help to get you through our cold wind chills! ;)

Snow is going to be on the back side however we wont see a whole lot this time only look for around an inch this is for tomorrow looking like closer to sometime after 4:pm. With still a few snow flurries on Thursday.

But the good news is the rivers are currently at 13.74ft and by 7:am tomorrow we should be closer to 13.4ft which is still a good two feet above flood stage but with closer to a half inch of rain rather then one inch makes a big difference.

Have your rain gauges ready and remember to get your reports in to the CoCoRaHS. They need all the reports they can get! I'll check back as needed.


Anonymous said...

Justin...you do know that IF Mike leaves that will make YOU our resident forecaster :-) Teri and I will count on you to lead us through the storms!

Would you like a pic of the geese in my back yard today? i dont think I have your email addy.


Justin said...

Well, Thank you Mary Anne that means a lot coming for you! I will tell you I don't know as much as Mike does Shoot I don't think anybody does LOL :-) But From what he has taught me which is just about all I know I will be happy to do my best! ;)

Sure you can E-mail me at


This is where Teri e-mails me and we now talk just about everyday.

I don't want to see him go it bums me out! But he needs to do what's best!