Monday, February 16, 2009

A fair weather friend has came to visit! And not long before the rain comes back!

Hey there again fellow Bloggers! It was another great day and we had reports of snow flurries / showers all over the area. Not just here in Lafayette but in most of the WLFI viewing area. Nothing was sticking but at times there was some nickel to quarter size flakes coming down and it was showing up on my Doppler Radar. Take a look below at an image I saved.Yes that is all snow so you see it was light but snow non the less. And I did hear of a few people jumping up and down when they seen the flakes fly! You know who you are! ;) Who don't like a few light snow flurries to end a great day?? lol.....

Well we are in for a big treat from mother nature today! Why Well we have a good friend coming in to visit! Who? Why Mr, High pressure who else? Yes I'M calling for partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies today. It will be a little cool out as high temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s but the sunny skies should make up for that! And winds even better between 3 and 5 mph. This is the making of a great day.Now although today will be a good dry and nice day late Tuesday into Wednesday will be another story! We are looking for rain and snow! What?? :) Yep Rain and snow. And with flooding still in the minor flood stage we need to watch this closely! Currently it looks like Tuesday after Midnight we will start to see the rain showers move in. Currently it looks like we will see rainfall between a quarter and a half inch possible. We could even see a little thunder. As of now I don't see any thunder being anything bad! Still in Indiana we never say never! But for now we look OK! Snowfall is looking light only around an inch possible. We will however still see snow flurries to showers on Thursday where we could see another possible inch.

Now some are wanting more snow this year while others wish snow would be over. Well Sorry to all warm weather lovers but I do see another chance for another Alberta clipper by this weekend. This will be our next good chance for more snow this week. Currently this has the chance to put out the 2" to 4" inch range. However with it being a week away we can bet this amount will change! I will keep you updated.

One thing is for sure! The doggies always love snow and nice weather! Well I know of two doggies that are resting up for more nice weather! And those two would be Eevee the Chihuahua which is the top picture and Bailee a Shitzue the bottom picture. They are more of warm weather lovers!

Believe it or not Eevee once stared in a TV commercial for King Edwards Pizza! (No joke!) This is True!

Bailee is a rescue dog as she was found on the side of the road! My aunt always wanted to rescue dogs and just about all her dogs are rescues! We have no idea how long Bailee was out their walking around by herself but she now has a great home and is loved very much! She is a playful little thing! My aunt has had her for many months now and she is like a little kid! :-)

Here is a quick look at your forecast below. I will check back real soon! Have a good day! Grab a cup of Hot cocoa Tea or what ever and watch a movie! ;)

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Anonymous said...

We are now jumping for joy with warmer temps and a lovely day;)

Cute doggie pic!