Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winter and Spring in the same day?

We woke up yesterday with this look on our cars and a wet snow of the ground! Only to have it melt by the afternoon. This was the good kind of snow for Puppy paw prints
to show up everywhere. Not just snow prints but Mud prints by the time it was gone.We had good amounts all over the WLFI viewing area some more then others but we got what was expected and that's all that matters! Take a look at some amounts around the area. You see Remington and Monticello with the highest amounts and down in Fountain County with the lowest. The roads was slick in the morning then soon became clear. It was like winter and spring in one day! This was really a little something for everybody if you think about. A little snow for the snow lovers and mild temperatures and no snow by the afternoon for the warm weather lover. :-)

Today will be another good day with highs around 36* degrees however we will be mostly to partly cloudy. Winds are looking light and calm between 5 and 10 mph. Monday EVEN BETTER with highs in the mid to upper 30s and Partly cloudy skies with winds between 5 and 10 mph. Get out and Enjoy is the forecast for the start to your work week.

Now I'M still watching another system for late Tuesday into Wednesday. I'M looking for this system to start out as rain and then change over to snow. Currently not looking like an ice event which is great news but just a good old rain to snow. Currently I look for rain to be around a quarter inch and snowfall around an inch. This is still a few days out and amounts can change so I will keep you posted with the latest as we get closer.

Also I want to remind you that the flood watches and warnings are still out as the latest observed has us at 17.89ft and flood stage is at 11.0ft. Good news is with the few dry days I'M forecasting that will help the rivers to fall.

That's it for now have you a Great Sunday. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin its snowing big flakes and the sun is shining in Laf. Pretty! I had to laugh at the pic of the doggie prints, I could take a photo of muddy prints LOL!

Cant wait for green grass:)


Justin said...

Thanks Teri for your report!

I to had a few quick snow flakes! Did not last long but was nice. Did not stick!

Just a little treat mother gave us. Models did show a real slight chance and looks like it came through! ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset here in Laf as well;) camera time

Justin said...

I hope you got a picture I could not get a good one! lol :( Ha.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt get a good pic due to power lines and trees, darn.

Still snow flurries big flakes at times. Not sticking:)


Justin said...

Your just north of me and I do not have any snow flakes! Odd????? LOL.

Just the way weather is!

I had a house in my way! Grrr :)

Anonymous said...

Is odd, and yes I know about the houses in the way:(

DD is not into weather so she says,She is not afraid of stroms (unlike her mom LOL)yet she LOVES the snow! Came running in jumping for joy, its snowing!!! Too bad for her its not going to stick LOL!

Justin said...

That's like my sister she loves snow however she also loves storms! Good booms but not severe!

I really just love to make forecast and track it! when I was little I was always scared of storms and now that I have a good idea as to how they work and what to look for they don't bug me anymore. As long as I have my PC and radars! lol.

Otherwise I have to do it the old way by looking up at the sky! Which works rather well!