Saturday, February 14, 2009

A good ending for the work week! And A Happy Valentine's Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! That's right it was another beautiful ending to our work week and there was a lot of people I talked to yesterday that enjoyed the weather and most of all the CALM Winds! That is something I think everybody was happy about! I being one of them that is for sure :) I even got out yesterday to clean up my weather gauges and fix my measuring board for the snow we see this morning! That's right I'M looking for the Half inch or less for the Lafayette area today and slightly higher amounts around Newton and Jasper counties! They could see closer to an inch! If you are going more south then look for less snowfall around a dusting.Speaking of snow! Teri, sent me this picture she found of a whole lot of mini snowmen! No we are not looking for this much of snow today but what fun that would have been for all the snow lovers! Just think had all the rain we seen last Wednesday been in the form of snow we would be digging out of around 26.5" inches! We would have had a job cut out for us! And with all the winds we had we would have seen one of our worst blizzards yet! This is just another way to look at things and think about them! Thanks Teri, I'M sure most are thankful that did not happen. I being a BIG snow lover would not be on many peoples good side if I was to call for that! :)

Today we will feel a little cooler and wake up to a little more white stuff once again. You can send in your snowy pictures along with amounts to and I will post them.

We will see a few snow flurries around 7:am which will then start to tapper off and become mostly cloudy. Then as we head into the evening we will start to clear out to more Partly cloudy skies. And even better look at the winds! Only between 10 and 15 mph. Much better. I do see another system winding up around closer to next Wednesday! What is it with Wednesday??? LOL..... Well this system looks like it will start out as rain then change over to snow. I know you would think this setup would be freezing rain! However we will watch that just to be safe! I don't think we will have to worry to much about freezing rain at this time! Snowfall will not be to bad looking around an inch to two inches at this time and it is still a ways off. I will keep you posted on it and keep you with the latest. For now be careful if you have to go out in the morning on the roads for some slick areas. And have a good day and a very Happy Valentine's day to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Happy V day Justin to you and your family, and not to foget your doggies:)

Glad you enjoyed the pic of the little snowmen..wonder how long it took to make all those little guys.

Very pretty out this morning, about an inch of snow...the birds seem happy and singing away..