Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The ground hog is calling for six more weeks of winter! Could he be right??

Hey there! We have more snow on the way for today into Tomorrow! No this is not a big one but still could give way to a few good snow flurries to showers! And not only the snow but this next cold front will push through later on today! We will see our temperatures fall once again to the teens and highs and the single digits as lows! You can see the cold front in the map I have put together below!

The local Ground hog yesterday did see his shadow when he walked out and is calling for another six weeks of winter! Could this be true????? Well looking at the map above I think he may be right! lol.....For the Lafayette area it is looking like snowfall between now and Wednesday will be around an inch to an inch and a half! We can expect more the more north you go for they can have that lake effect snow! So if you are going up that way then be careful! Winds will be between 5 and 10 mph for today and tomorrow between 10 and 15 mph with a few possible gusts to 20 mph. So blowing snow may be a problem so please keep that in mind and be safe. Good news is this should not be a big snow like we seen Last week! lol..... Not by any means!

And there is still a warm up that I'M calling for by Thursday where we will see our highs in the 30s only to become closer to the low to mid 50s by this weekend! We may be talking about a few light rain showers and not snow for a change! Still that light rain chance is a ways off so we won't talk about that just yet! But this warm up coming should be a treat for all Spring lovers! It will give you a chance to get out and enjoy!

Now I wanted to post this picture of Ed's newly adopted little Basset hound She is soooo cute and from what I hear happy and loving! He just adopted her a few days ago and already you can see she is taking a liking to him! I know she now has a great home and will be given lots of love and Attention. Thanks Ed for the pictures! Keep them coming!! ;)

On that note we now need to know if she likes the snow??? lol..... For we do have it coming off and on today! Have a good one and I will check back with more info on our slight warm up coming real soon! And happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I think it is GREAT that you adopted your dog. There are so many dogs and other animals out there that need homes and are great pets . If every one that wanted a dog would adopt at least one it would help solve the homeless pet problem. Great for you to give this animal another chance at a great life and to be a great friend!!!