Monday, February 2, 2009

The Steelers win the Superbowl and we get ready for another cold front!

What a game!!!!! I had a feeling the Steelers would win however I have to say I was pulling for Arizona, because of Larry and James. But the steelers are the champions and they did play a good game as well as the Cardinals and there was some great touchdown catches made by Larry! As seen below.

He was on fire out there!!!!! My hats off to him and all of the Arizona team. I really think they did a Great job! I know you all think so as well.......... The final score was Steelers 27 and cardinals 23. It all ended with an almost impossible touchdown catch by Holems. I hope you all watched it for words cannot say how good it was and Arizona made a great comeback and they should be proud! I on the other hand feel so full from all the great Superbowl food I had I don't think I will be eating to much to soon! lol..... We had Hot dogs with Chile and cheese along with Chile and cheese nachos. Cheese balls Meat balls and a Football cake! WOW it was all sooooooo good lol..........And to wash it all down A nice big Glass of Cola! Yummy! :-)

Now how about our Indiana weather we all know and love so much??

Well we do have another cold front coming that will lower our temperatures again. We are going to be looking at highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. But don't worry we do have a slight warm up coming for later on this week! Where we will be in the mid 40s close to the 50s! That is something you can look forward to! I also see some more snow chances in the forecast for this week. However if you do not like a lot of snow then you should like this forecast! It will be a clipper system which most of the time does not bring much snow to our area. Currently I'M looking for this Clipper to start off and on with light snow flurries on Tuesday and expect a little more on Wednesday. I'M looking for a total snowfall amount of less then one inch! I think that will do for now! Winds for today will be between 10 and 15 mph. And tomorrow between 5 and 10 mph. So I don't think blowing and drifting snow will be a problem as winds will be light and most of our snow has melted and now has a light icy weight on it! So this should not be something to worry about! And I think it will be a nice start to the work week.

But again look forward to Thursday into Friday which is when we will start to warm up a bit! I know of a few people who will be happy to see the possible 40s and maybe low 50s.

Have a good day and I will check in again later on! Have a good one and here is the Picture of the day! I think it is a good picture as it was the Superbowl yesterday! Wow the feeling they mush have after coming off such a BIG win! And hey there going to DISNEY LAND!!!!! LOL..........:-)

Send any Weather or nature even doggies playing outside in the snow rain mud lol or what ever weather related pictures to and I will post them. Have a good one....................

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