Saturday, February 21, 2009

The latest and things are still on track! Be careful on slick roads!!!!!

Well things are still going as planed at this point and I still feel good with our forecasted amount! 1" to 2" inch range..... We may hit it right in the middle with just over an inch which would be great. I have stayed with this amount and I will still stick with it!

We are already seeing the winds gusting pretty good out their so be safe if driving. And there is a lot of slushy mess or the roads. We will see temperatures fall today to lows in the teens so I'M a little worried about some freezing on the roads if do be careful if driving later on this evening. Well, now as well but you know that :-) Currently most roads in our area are wet and or becoming Snow covered so they will become slick later on tonight.. Northern roads are snow covered!

So still winds gusting to 30 mph are likely. Close to that 1" to 2" inch range like expected and I will check back if needed.

Send in pictures to show how things are in your area to and I will try to post them..... Have a good day and a HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for you update Justin, the roads are snow covered, and slick. Winds have been wild, there is not a dry spot on any of my window in my home, NWES! winds are whipping this snow all around!