Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick Cast Sunday Update..........

Here is your update on late tonight into Sunday.....

OK, I think rain will start in later on tonight and will become more heavy as we head into Sunday morning. Along with maybe a few thunder rumbles. The stronger storms will work through Sunday afternoon with some Gusty winds possible as I currently have winds between 15 and 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph some could be higher in storm.

Here is what I think will be the main threats currently.

We could see some small hail in storms.

Winds will be GUSTY at times to 35 and maybe higher in storms.

Tornadoes cannot be ruled out this is Indiana. But for now we will keep them around 5% chance. And never let your guard dawn!!!!!

Maybe some low land flooding in areas with this batch of rain and storms.

We are expected to be at flood stage 11.8 ft around the 10th or Tuesday if you will. and crest at 12.04 ft late Tuesday evening.

I'M looking for rainfall for the Lafayette and Remington areas to be between a half inch to an inch possible. Rainfall could be higher in storms as one of my models are showing closer to that two inch mark.

I will check back a little later this evening with another update on what we can expect. But for now I need to get a few quick things done before we start to get wet! ;o)

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Justin it is Sat. LOL