Friday, March 27, 2009

Cloudy Today Rain To Light Snow Tomorrow?!?!

What you are looking at is a weather models map I like to use called Lifted Index. You can see the shaded areas which is where the most unstable air is expected to be. This is the outlook for Saturday. Now the WLFI viewing area is under a slight risk for severe weather for Saturday however after looking at all the latest maps and models I still feel the strongest storms will stay to our south and east in the Ohio area and south. Way south Indiana has a better chance for severe weather which this would be south of I70. Still here at home we will keep a close eye on this and I will keep you posted. For now I think we will see mostly rain showers and maybe a few rumbles. Now how about the snow outlook?

Well, I still feel most of the WLFI Viewing area will stay under an inch of snow. Yes, up around the Remington and north Jasper and Newton counties has a slightly better chance for a half inch or less possible of snow and up more north around Gary IN, a better chance for a half inch to maybe even an inch possible. But as for the Lafayette area and more east I think we will keep it mostly rain to a mix. If we do see any snow it will be late late Saturday night into Early Sunday morning. This is the best chance for snow. Right now I like mostly a mix of rain to snow flurries for the Lafayette area and anything to stick IF it would stick would be less then a half inch to more like a Dusting. I will keep running updates as needed through out the day and will talk more about this again later on tonight. Be sure to check back soon.

What WILD weather we always seem to have! Also I will check back a little later on and I will have your expected rainfall for Saturday thundershowers and how high could the wind gusts reach? I will be back with your answer here on the Indiana Weather Blog!!!!! We will break down what is coming for Saturday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I like that LI Map Justin, but it is showing up as all black. is that the way it should be?

And of COURSE up by Remington would be a great place (NOT!) for snow! :-) I would rather have that than severe storms though so will be happy with snow. It melts fast this time of year!


Justin said...

Hey Mary anne, The map does seem to be having some problems as it was working and looked right this afternoon when I posted it.

Sorry about that!

I will have another weather update coming here real soon.