Friday, March 27, 2009

A Look Back At Past Storms And A Current Storm Is On The Way!

Well, there is a lot of weather going on and a lot of weather to talk about as always here in Indiana. Sometimes I think WOW I have nothing to talk about today on my blog! Then I just look at a few weather models and BOOM! I got something to talk about lol.

Today we will talk a little bit about what we are looking for weather wise this week and we will also take a look back at past years on severe weather days and find out just how many tornadoes Tippecanoe County seen! This should be fun.

But first off lets start with what we are expecting this week. Today we will see mostly cloudy skies with one model showing the slight chance for an afternoon light rain shower. Now this will be a light rain less then .10" inches total. So not an all day rain just a quick afternoon showers is possible and again this is a slight chance with most staying south of our area. Otherwise mostly cloudy and cooler with a high in the mid to upper 50s! Yes not something we are use to at this time. However we should start getting use to it with highs going up and down all week. Some days highs in the 40s. Yes, we will want to keep out the jackets this week that is for sure. Here is a map I have posted below.Now a lot of people are talking about whats coming on Saturday into Sunday and snow could return to Indiana!?!?!? Well, yes there is a chance for snow. And thundershowers in the same day! The weekend is not looking like a cookout day but more of a rain coat day. Here is the break down for this weekend weather.

Saturday we will see off and on scattered rain showers. Highs in the low to mid 50s. We may see a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon hours and as of now the SPC has the WLFI viewing area in the slight risk for severe weather. Well I have gone over the maps and at this time it looks like the severe weather and or stronger storms will stay to our south and east of the viewing area. Still with this slight risk we will keep watching things and you know I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED! As we head into Saturday night into early Sunday morning we will see the light rain showers start to change over to some light snow showers. Now I to think the heaviest snow showers would stay up around Chicago IL, and Our viewing area in more of just flurries to a few possible snow showers. Right now I'M not thinking anything would really stick so I will keep snowfall totals less then a half inch. Again IF any does stick it would be light and wont last long! We will see some left over rain / snow showers on early Sunday morning however we will start to clear out a bit and look better by the afternoon. So no not an all day rain event so I would not cancel any plans just yet. It seems the models change everyday and or every minute so I will have another update on your weekend outlook coming later on tonight so be sure to check back real soon! We average around four inches of snowfall this time of year however we have not seen any! Some are happy about that while others are not. I like both so it does not matter to me! lol ;o)

And if anything this system coming this weekend will for sure be a system that you will have fun watching in now only our area but all over the states!! It will bring heavy snows heavy rains and also severe weather! It will have a little bit of everything that is for sure. And speaking of severe weather I wanted to show all of you a map of the tornadoes to hit Tippecanoe county from the year 1950 to last year 2008. You will not believe how many people died in all these tornadoes. Let me just say you would think the number would be higher then what it is. Take a look..........You can see the death total is low at only three. And the injured number is at 87 people. I'M very thankful that the number is not higher. Tornadoes are a very dangerous thing and you need to be ready for them. If you just fallow the safety tips and get to your safe spot you are less likely to get hurt. And it is also hard to believe that more people are killed by Lightning then Tornadoes and Hurricanes put together!! This is why we say to stay indoors through thunderstorms and or severe weather. Lightning is 54,000* Degrees *F which is six times hotter then the surface of the sun! Really not something you want to get hit by! So my tip to you is (In any kind of thunderstorm! Remember Lightning safety)

Now go out and have a great day just watch for an afternoon showers possible! I will check back real soon with another Weekend Weather Update coming your way from where you live....................


Brow said...

Very interesting info on the Tornadoes. This will help keep me calm when my Lilapsophobia kicks in. :p

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

JIWB said...

Right here! ;)


Anonymous said...

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