Friday, March 27, 2009

A Little Pain But Still Blogging!

I'M back with another update. First off I wanted to let you all know that this post is going to be quick and to the point for I tripped earlier and banged up my finger meaning I riped the nail back half way and typing is not to easy at this time. Still I will do my best and keep you updated. Weather Stops For No One!!!!! That is for sure. So lets get to this!
Above is the latest Satellite Radar image and you can see the storm system in Kansas that will bring us our rain and snow tomorrow. Yes this is a monster system and we will see a bit of everything. Here is what I'M expecting for us tomorrow and Sunday.

Saturday we will see the scattered rain showers through out the day off and on. Maybe even a thundershower in the afternoon after 12 or 1:pm. We are in that slight risk for severe weather but I have again gone over everything and as of now the severe weather will stay well to our south and east. South of I70 and then in Ohio. Rainfall is expected to be between a Quarter and a Half inch for most of the WLFI viewing area maybe some slightly higher amounts in storms. Now for the snow! We will see the rain try to change over to snow flurries by late late Saturday night into mainly early Sunday morning. Now I still think Lafayette and around areas will see a mix to a possible dusting but even that is most likely to high! The better chance for any snow sticking and adding up to something will be more north around Gary IN, this is where they could see a possible inch or two. And yes, over in North IL, Otherwise most of us will see only a dusting if that! Sunday will not be an all day rain to snow event so don't cancel any plains just yet. We will start to see it clear up a bit as we head into the afternoon hours.

I will try to check back in here later on tonight with another update. Thank you for reading and now I'M going to give my finger a little rest lol. I will check back soon..........

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